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About Us

Shorts That Change Color!

We were started by a father-son duo, who wanted to create a unique product in a bland market - men's swimwear. 

When we started, we had no idea how we would change the mens swimwear market, but we knew we had to come up with something WILD!

One day, Dad started reminiscing about his "golden days," and told me about his favorite tee shirt in the 80's. It was a Hypercolor pink to purple tee shirt.

His only complaint about those was the fact that it was a shirt, so when you wore it in the heat, it would look like you were sweating profusely!

That's when genius struck.

I said, "Dad, why don't we bring Hypercolor back, but for swim trunks?" and his eyes got WIDE. That's when we got started developing color-changing swim trunks.

When we first got our samples we were floored, but we knew we needed to test them out in public.

Fast-forward to us at our neighborhood pool in what appear to be normal swim trunks, but when we both jumped into the water, they completely changed color!

EVERYONE asked us where we got them. So we had to act fast to start selling them. First month, we sold over 400 pairs, and the rest is history!

We promise, these swim trunks will be your favorite purchase for the summer.

Don't believe us?

Try our shorts out, and if you don't get complimented on them at least once, we'll give your money back 100% no questions asked!